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    6th Mar 2016        Last update

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Argyle Road

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Argyle Road was started for two reasons, the first is I have loads of locomotives that for some strange reason just do not like having decoders fitted, they just seem to run so erratic.

Because I just can’t bare to part with these lovely models I needed a standard 12v DC layout to run & display them on.

The second reason for Argyle Road is I fancied a go at dirt & grime which is not present on Wordsworth,  this means I can test & try methods I’ve not used before whilst building Wordsworth.

So Argyle Road was started June 2012, the layout measures approx 1.5m x 0.6m & is basically a small engine shed layout which has one route into the depots under a bridge. The bridge acts as a scenic break where the trains can run off the layout & then be swapped or turned around for their return at the days end.

Being a DC layout with many loco’s on the track at once the wiring was a little complicated. Sections where the trains will stand had to be isolated from each other, this was achieved simply by cutting the rails with a dremel & then each section connected to the controller via a series of mini switches housed in a home made box.

Lights on this layout will be via mini LED’s, yard lamps, engine shed & the water tower will all be fitted with these LED’s & powered by a small transformer.

I also wanted to have a go at the Eckon LED signals so a wall mounted version was purchased & placed just as the track goes under the bridge. These are quite interesting to build & with a little paint job made to look quite effective.

All the buildings & retaining walls / bridge section are purpose home made kits from the Wordsworth Model railway kit range, I’ve opted for this approach to show what can be achieved using these simple models.

Everything being built is then covered in weathering powder to give that more real life feel, I’m using artists pastels which you just scrape with a craft knife creating a fine dust, then using a small artist paint brush dust over the surface area being covered, simple but very effective.

Argyle Road Double & Single road engines

The 2 Aspect signal controls the exit road from Argyle Road

Phoenix Bridge hides the exit road to a small fiddle yard

Phoenix Bridge has a golden phoenix bird on the parapett

Bulk of Argyle Road fleet are Gresley A4’s

A coaling tower helps to load the tenders

The covered inspection pits inside the double road engine shed

Sleeper style buffer stops are used behind the double road shed

Ballast work completed & scenic growth added to the retaining walls

Signal box & Water Tower get put into place, bushes get added.

View looking down through the double road engine shed

Barrow walkway behind the engine sheds linking both concrete plinths