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About Your Host

My name is Mike, here you can read a little about myself &

why the Wordsworth Website was created.

I got into model railways as a teenager many many years

ago, looking back I can’t really call it a model layout as it

was basically an 6’ x 4’ piece of plywood in my bedroom.

It consisted of a double track loop with two sidings.

I did create a hillside out of chicken wire covered in paper mache which I then painted in green paint. All the loco’s on this train set were second hand which I purchased from my local model shop on Bondgate opposite Box Lane junction in Pontefract, it was also the post office.

It was run by a great man who was always helpful & eager to help the up & coming young modeller.

As I got to my late teens I found other interests & sold everything I had & never did any modelling for many a year. But you never totally get model railways out of the blood stream & around 2007 the bug bite back where I slowly started buying the usual model railway magazines.

In 2008 reading about model railways was not enough so my first layout in years came to be, this was a very small 4’ x 2’ piece of board which came to be known as Soldiers Leap. It had a small station, goods shed & loco shed.

This still wasn’t enough so late in 2008 Wordsworth was born, this was to be a loft based layout and would measure 10’ x 10’ & use that new  technology I’d been reading about DCC.

Given I had such a large area to fill I needed what I called board fillers which took only minutes to make. I checked around & found several good card manufacturers but nothing what I needed, so the first Wordsworth buildings started to appear. These were very simple in construction & were all done using Microsoft Word.

It wasn’t long before other modellers started to ask me where I got these  buildings from & I found myself emailing these to fellow modellers.

Soon I came up with the idea of doing my first website, I had some basic HTML writing abilities so the first site was set up around 2009.

As each kit got better I soon found I’d reached the limit to what Microsoft Word could handle, it was then I took the plunge & bought myself a copy of Corel Draw. The technique used for these new kits could not be what I’d been using in MS Word so I had to learn new skills that this software needed.

It didn’t take too long before the next generation kits started rolling off the design board. It was around this time I needed to improve the look of the Wordsworth Website as it was becoming very popular. I then bought my next piece of software called WebPlus, I always said I’d never use software like this but I just didn’t have the skill required to write a good site in basic HTML.

This new look site started around 2010 / 2011 & has had a few  tweaks since it’s launch.

The site content  has been steadily growing to what you see now.

I run this site purely to help other modellers in what can be a very expensive hobby.

I hope that each kit is enjoyed by everyone that downloads them, & I take great pride & knowledge that I’m helping that next generation of young modellers into our wonderful world of model railways just as the owner of that model railway shop did all those years ago.